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What Can Dogs Teach Us About Human Psychology?

Clinical psychologist Harper West introduces a fresh, new take on human relationships based on the wisdom of the animals, called Pack Leader Psychology.™

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Using brief stories from her experience training her dogs, West directly connects these stories to how we all behave, providing deep insight into patterns that affect relationships, parenting, careers and friendships.

West provides real tools people can use immediately, but also offers a broader paradigm about how to understand “mental disorders” in a way that tosses out the stigmatizing labels and confusing jargon of the psychiatric profession. Her concepts offer a counterpoint to the controversial Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-5) being published in May 2013. For more, download a pdf of her essay: “Fear is Not a Mental Disorder: Or What is Really Wrong with the DSM”.

Some suggested story ideas are below. For a complete list of story ideas, interview questions, a press release and author bio, download a Pack Leader Media Kit. For a high-resolution image of Harper West, click here. Download a jpg image of the “Pack Leader Psychology” book cover here, or download a pdf.


The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson, WJLA ABC-7 Washington, DC, September 28, 2013

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Pack Leader Psychology™ Story Ideas


  • 7 Habits of Human “Pack Leaders”
  • Strengthen Relationships at Work and Home Using Skills from the Animal World
  • Transform yourself into a Pack Leader — Effortlessly
  • How To Become The “Alpha” In Your Relationships, Career, And With Your Kids


  • 5 Unhealthy Relationship Patterns you can Break Now
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth: Is Avoiding Conflict Damaging Your Relationships and Career?
  • Trust Your Intuition To Pick A Great Date or Mate
  • Dating: 5 Ways to Spot Controllers and Abusers
  • Assert Yourself to Halt Disrespect


  • Are You a Pack Leader Parent?
  • How NOT to Raise a Child With Low Self-Esteem, Who is Lazy, Irresponsible, Entitled and Insecure
  • How NOT to Raise a Mass Murderer
  • Listen Your Way to Better Parenting
  • How Boosting Self-Esteem in Kids Backfires
  • Is Your Parenting Causing Your Child’s ADHD, Tantrums and Arguing?


  • Be a Pack Leader at Work and Gain Influence
  • Are you Leader or a Bully at Work?
  • Is Fear of Criticism Sabotaging your Career?
  • Lessons We Can Learn from Animals about Leadership


  • Fight or Flight: Which Do You Choose?
  • The Real Reason You Hate Criticism So Much and How to Change
  • Improve Your Self-Respect and Eliminate Anxiety, Depression, or Aggression

Mental Illness

  • Is Society Causing Sky High Rates of Anxiety and Depression?
  • How the Mental Health Professions are Misdiagnosing Millions Of People
  • Debunking the Myths of Mental Illness
  • Before the Next Tragedy: How to Spot a Mass Murderer in Your Midst
  • There is No Such Thing as a Mental Disorder: What is Really Wrong with How We Diagnose Mental Illness